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19 Feb
Some changes
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So right I know it's been dead silent from the staff around the past months, however there has been a few changes we're planning and big ones at that. We've realized that it's hard to get skywars active as it requires like a minimum of 4 ish players, we are sad to say it'll be shutdown and replace with the skyblock server! You'll be able to team up if that's your kinda thing. This is currently being worked on and there will be more updates on that in the coming week/months about the release and such. On skyblock there is will be a competition. The highest island levels every 4 months will receive PayPal/store credit depending on the place they come!
28 Nov
Big Update
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Forums Release
We now have a forums where you can post pictures and talk about the server. Some Server functionality has been moved to here like staff applications and Appeals. If you have any questions about this don't hesitate to ask!

New Owner
Tye Aka HenTyeChan is now an owner and will be dealing mainly with public relations

Creative Release
We have released a creative server for the more creative among you. that's is released now and can be accessed from the lobby
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WorldEdit- For now since there's a bug with worldedit only diamonds Can use it. But Once the bug with worldedit is fixed Azure+ will get access to worledit but only be allowed to a certain amount of work editing at a time we are sorry for this but not much we can do atm