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  1. HenTyeChan

    Denied idk where to apply lol

    Denied Hey there! Very sorry but your application was denied for many reasons. You did not follow the template. You do not have an active playtime of at least 12 hours. It has not been 2 weeks since your first login You have not built anything on the server nor have asked to do a test build...
  2. HenTyeChan

    Player Report Templates

    Your Minecraft Name: Their Minecraft Name Report Reason: Server it happened on: Time/Date it happened in case logs are needed: What actually happened: If you have any proof, put it here: IF YOU NEED IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE OPEN A TICKET
  3. HenTyeChan

    *luks up* U wanna split? flan-senpai

    *luks up* U wanna split? flan-senpai
  4. HenTyeChan

    UwU wuts dis? *notices noodles* x3 noms

    UwU wuts dis? *notices noodles* x3 noms