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  1. Hladenz

    We have started a hosting company

    Hello Everyone, Today we are excited to announce we have started a hosting company called Crystallized Hosting! (I know we are really good with names) We offer Minecraft, Gmod, Rust and Factorio Servers at fair prices. The focus is quality and performance rather than cheap hardware. We don't...
  2. Hladenz


    Crystallized Network Server Rules Absolutely no Cheating or Abusing Bugs, Cheating classifies as using external modifications of your game to gain an advantage over other players. Respect All Players, Please refrain from insulting other players, Keep in mind that swearing is allowed, but not...
  3. Hladenz

    Prison Release!

    Hello everyone today I'm excited to announce our latest gamemode Prison! We used to run a prison server but dropped it, but now we are bringing it back bigger and better! We have improved on many aspects of that version to make it better for players. We are also running a 35% Sale for a limited...
  4. Hladenz

    Update Log #7

    We are really sorry about all the issues that the server has faced at release and This is totally our fault we should have put more time into testing so to make up for it we will be running this sale for an extra 2 weeks and will be doing a key all at some point. In the future, we plan not to...
  5. Hladenz

    Some changes

    So right I know it's been dead silent from the staff around the past months, however there has been a few changes we're planning and big ones at that. We've realized that it's hard to get skywars active as it requires like a minimum of 4 ish players, we are sad to say it'll be shutdown and...
  6. Hladenz

    Update Log #6

    Update Log #6 Skywars Added A Click to Join Party Button Network Readded /fly to lobby and skywars lobby for Azure+ Added /forums command Added /Cosmetics In the lobby and creative server(In the creative server you wont be given the Item to open the GUI anymore) Creative I've looked into...
  7. Hladenz

    Staff Hunters!

    Post screenshots of really bad staff hunters from the server here! ps keep it from this server and sensor anything racist
  8. Hladenz

    Update Log 5

    Update Log #5 Creative Added /sit Added /lay Added Now Azure+ Get access to a Armorstand Editor to use this please use the command /astools Fixed Not Having Perms to some Commands Skywars Fixed OP's not dropping items Fixed Needing lapis for Enchanting Changed Loot Changed The Auto-map...
  9. Hladenz

    Ban Appeal Format!

    Your In-Game Name: Staff Member Who Banned You: Reason You Were Banned: BanID: Why You Should Get UnBanned: Why We should believe you: Please insert the appropriate values next to these labels If you are banned and need your mc account verified open a ticket in the discord Terms I will not...
  10. Hladenz

    Big Update

    Forums Release We now have a forums where you can post pictures and talk about the server. Some Server functionality has been moved to here like staff applications and Appeals. If you have any questions about this don't hesitate to ask! New Owner Tye Aka HenTyeChan is now an owner and will be...