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  1. HenTyeChan

    Prison Prestige Rewards

    So I know most of you are wondering what kinda rewards were added to prestiging so I have compiled a list here so that you have an idea of what they are. From prestiges 1- 5, you will receive a rare key From prestiges 6 - 10, you will receive two rare keys At prestige 10, you will receive a...
  2. HenTyeChan

    Prison Re-Release

    Come on down and join today at! 1.16.5+ Our Discord: Alright, so hopefully we got it right this time, I have rebalanced and changed many features, even got the thoughts for Ex1twound and Marmajo to help in the rebalancing and I do think...
  3. HenTyeChan

    Prison Backpack Wiki

    This server has a custom backpack feature, this being a way to store more mined blocks without taking up any inventory space. These backpacks can hold masses amount of blocks before being need to sold allowing you to mind for a lot long. The backpack system holds the value of the block rather...
  4. HenTyeChan

    Prison Gang Wiki

    On our server you are able to join/create gangs, a group of players that can use gang abilities to do many things. Gang Creation/Joining a Gang To create a gang you need to be cobalt donor rank. If you do not have this, please go to our store if you'd like your own gang. Now to create your gang...
  5. HenTyeChan

    Prison Pets Wiki

    Our server uses a custom pets plugin where once you hatch and equip them they do things, our current pets include: Current Pets and Effects Assistant Common When Equipped Auto-Redeems Common Pouches Frog Common When Equipped it give You Jump boost Mole Common When Equipped Give you 100k...
  6. HenTyeChan

    Prison Generator Wiki

    You may have noticed that we have a unique mechanic on our server called Generators. If you need a bit of help setting them up read this guide! If you came here via the Enchants threads scroll to "Fuelling Generators" Generators are a way to obtain passive income while playing on the server...
  7. HenTyeChan

    Prison Custom Enchants Wiki

    This server has a bunch of custom enchants that you may not know what they do. Luckily I have compiled a small list of our current enchants so you can use them to there full potential. First if you want to get these enchants type /enchant or press f while holding a pickaxe to open to enchant...
  8. HenTyeChan

    Player Report Templates

    Your Minecraft Name: Their Minecraft Name Report Reason: Server it happened on: Time/Date it happened in case logs are needed: What actually happened: If you have any proof, put it here: IF YOU NEED IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE OPEN A TICKET