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Applying as a Builder


New member
General Information
IGN: Marmajo
Age: 19
Discord Name + Tag: TheMarmajo#7455
Timezone: GMT/+1 (Germany)
Playtime + First Join : No clue
Time you have to contribute to the role: 2h or more i guess (depends on the situation)
Mistakes you've made recently and how you've dealt with them:
When i make mistakes i try my best to fix them, normally spending as much time as needed. (I dont have a specific example ngl)

Past Experience
Any past builder roles in detail: I was mostly responsible for designing landscapes/terraforming and built in different styles over the past years.
Pictures of builds: 1. A desert city ive built 5yo 2. An unfinished project which should be a harbor 3. Landscaping project on a friends server

Anything else you would like to add: I like building alot and always built with passion. Oh and Tye smells bad.

I will not pester staff about my application
I did not lie on my application
No one assisted me in making my application
I am aware that my application is public
I am aware that if my application is not responded to in 2 weeks it is denied and I can make a new application in 1 month
Do you agree with the above terms?

Yes i do.