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Prison Backpack Wiki

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This server has a custom backpack feature, this being a way to store more mined blocks without taking up any inventory space. These backpacks can hold masses amount of blocks before being need to sold allowing you to mind for a lot long. The backpack system holds the value of the block rather than the amount of blocks mined, therefore if you mine a block that's worth $50, that amount will be added to the backpack's value (hover over the item to see how much it can store and how much has been stored).

Obtaining a backpack
The main and normal way to obtain a backpack is via the /buybackpack command, if you can afford the price of course (150 tokens), this will get you a backpack that can hold $1k, however there is another way to obtain them but this has a low chance of happening and the price may vary and that is via the use of player trading but I cannot comment on that.

Upgrading a backpack
So it's very obvious that $1k backpack storage isn't very much but that is where upgrades come in! If you do the /bpupgrade command, it brings up a menu where you can select a backpack in your inventory, once you've done that you'll be prompted with a menu where you can use your tokens to upgrade the storage of your backpack.
At this current moment in time there are three upgrades:

+$100M for 150 tokens
+$500M for 800 tokens
+$1B for 1500 tokens
These upgrades do stack and you can buy multiple of the same amount as long as you have the correct amount of tokens.
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