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Accepted Dex1ty Helper Application

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General Information
IGN: Dex1ty
Age: 15
Discord Name + Tag: Dex1ty#0001
Timezone: AEST
Playtime + First Join: 6th of July 2021, I don't know my playtime, but I believe it is high.
Most actively played game: I am mostly active within Skyblock with some hours in creative
Time you have to contribute to the role: 1-3+ hours per day
Past staff experience + why you quit: Last year I was a Mod (For around 7 months) on a small server until it got shut down due to lack of funding, I am also currently 1 of 4 Owners of a Minecraft server, so I have a bit of experience when handling a community.
Bans on other servers (In Detail): I have never been banned before on any server
Mistakes you've made recently and how you've dealt with them: I've made many mistakes before, one of these mistakes include me messing around with commands on the server I was mod on and lagging out the server. I dealt with it by owning up to my mistake and fixing the damage that was done. I believe in fixing my mistakes by either acknowledging them and learning from them or apologizing and finding an alternative way in which it can be fixed.

People are complaining because you muted one of their friends, how do you react?
I would explain to the person the reason for the mute, if they continue to pester anyone, or me I will warn them, but if it continues, I will then mute them.
You are in a lobby and constantly getting questions while getting messaged to get a higher staff member to deal with some hackers, what do you do?
I would tell the people who are asking questions to give me a few minutes to deal with something. And then I will start dealing with the hackers by contacting any higher staff member to get online if there is no higher staff available. I would write down the name of the person and hacks used and contact a higher staff member later. I would then answer the questions after dealing with the hacker
What would you do if you found someone being harassed? (act as if you are the owner)
Harassment is a hugely annoying thing within a community, I would warn anyone who is harassing someone, if the harassment continues, I will mute them for a couple of hours. If their mute ends and they continue to harass members of the community, I will contact someone to ban them.

Anything else you would like to add?
I am sometimes a very joking person and immature, but in times of need of maturity, I am very serious and mature.

I will not pester staff about my application
I did not lie on my application
No one assisted me in making my application
I am aware that my application is public
I am aware that if my application is not responded to in 2 weeks it is denied and I can make a new application in 1 month
Do you agree with the above terms?
Yes, I do!
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I look forward to having you on the Staff Team,

Please make sure to read the staff announcements channel on the discord along with attached documents and ask questions if needed.
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