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On our server you are able to join/create gangs, a group of players that can use gang abilities to do many things.

Gang Creation/Joining a Gang
To create a gang you need to be cobalt donor rank. If you do not have this, please go to our store if you'd like your own gang. Now to create your gang open chat and type the following command
/gang create NameofGang TagofGang
for example
/gang create TheAwesomePeople TPG
Name Requirements:
Do not use anything offensive or rude. It can have spaces.
Tag Requirements:
Tags must only be 3 letters long.

Gang Information
To view the information of a gang, you need to do the following command. "/gang info NameOfGang" This will display the gang name, the gang tag, how many members the gang holds, the total wealth shared between the gang(read on to learn about this) and the total blocks mined in the gang.
As the gang leader you can do the /gang command which brings up the gang menu, in this menu you can access the member list, the upgrade menu, leaderboards(Coming soon), the gang info and gang settings(also coming soon).

Member Menu
In this menu you can view all the members currently in your gang offline and online. If you hover over the players icon, it lists how many blocks they have mined while in the gang, and when the last time they logged in. If a member hasn't been pulling their weight, you can then click on the player head and then select the kick button (the barrier block).

Gang Upgrade Menu:
In this menu you can upgrade your gang in various ways, like the member size and add in wealthshare. Member size is quite simple, when upgraded it allows you to invite more members into your gang. As for wealthshare that requires a bit of an explaination.
When you upgrade wealthshare a percentage of your sold blocks with be shared with all other online gang members, THIS DOES NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FROM YOU, it will just give them a percent of what you make extra. Every upgrade increases the percentage shared for example, Upgrade 1 is 1%, Upgrade 2 is 2%, etc
Upgrade Costs
Every block a member mines while in a gang is added together and the total of those block is used as the currency for upgrades. Buying upgrades will take whatever the cost is off the currency, THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YOUR PERSONAL BLOCK MINED TOTALS.
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