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You may have noticed that we have a unique mechanic on our server called Generators. If you need a bit of help setting them up read this guide! If you came here via the Enchants threads scroll to "Fuelling Generators"

Generators are a way to obtain passive income while playing on the server.

Obtaining Generators:
There is one main way to obtain generators, this is via crates. There is a chance to obtain generator crates in every crate. Once you open this crate you will obtain a generator spawn egg. There are a few levels of generators and they are listed below, this ranges from worst to best.
  • Dirt Generator
  • Iron Generator
  • Gold Generator
  • Diamond Generator
  • Bedrock Generator
These generators eggs can be placed on your plot and now you are able to right click to open the generator menu.

Fuelling Generators:
At this point you have placed your generator but you've realised that it's not making you any of that sweet cash. This is because it needs fuel! To fuel the generator you need to power it with beacons. These can only be obtained one way and that is via the beacon mine (You can teleport to this with /warp beacons). Once you have obtained beacons you can fuel your generators by opening the menu, clicking the top left icon (the furnace) and typing in chat how many beacons you want to add. Each beacon will let you generate money 5 times. To have a chance at getting more beacons please look at the beaconator enchant, look Here for info on that.

Upgrading Generators:
You have now learnt how to obtain and fuel your generators but now you are wondering, but wait they are a bit slow at generating that sweet sweet money. I will now go through the process of upgrading. To start off you will need a boat load of tokens (You can get these by mining blocks in mines). Now in the generator panel you will see two different colour glass panes aside the centre hopper. Upgrading is very simple all you need to do is click either of those panes to upgrade (given that you have enough tokens of course). The Left pane will upgrade the speed at which it generates money, and the right pane will upgrade the actual amount of money it generates.

Stats, Claiming and moving:
So you're now able to fuel and make masses amount of money but you don't actually know how to claim it, this process is very simple all you need to do is open up the generator menu and left click on the centre hopper, and any balance that has been mined will go straight into your wallet.
To view the stats of your generator (How many total blocks it has mined) all you need to do is hover over your player head at the top of the menu.
And finally to pick up your generator, you just have to click the barrier block at the bottom right. THIS WILL VOID ANY BALANCE INSIDE THE GENERATOR SO CLAIM IT BEFORE PICKUP
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