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Our server uses a custom pets plugin where once you hatch and equip them they do things, our current pets include:

Current Pets and Effects

AssistantCommonWhen Equipped Auto-Redeems Common Pouches
FrogCommonWhen Equipped it give You Jump boost
MoleCommonWhen Equipped Give you 100k for Each 100 Blocks you Mine
OwlCommonWhen Equipped it give You Night Vision
BeaconRareWhen Equipped Double Every Beacon You Get
GamblerRareWhen Equipped Chance To Double Rankup
MafiaRareWhen Equipped Double All the Money you give to your Gang and How much you receive
Tax CollectorRareWhen Equipped Collects all your Earnings from Generators While your Online
BankerLegendaryWhen Equipped Every Hour get 12% interest
InvestorLegendaryWhen Equipped Doubles Generator Output while your Online!
LuckyJackLegendaryWhen Equipped Doubles All Tokens you Get!

Obtaining a Pet

To get a pet you first need to obtain an egg, you can do this in two ways, get an egg in a crate or with the Archaeology enchant. You will then get a pet egg.

Hatching an egg

To hatch an egg you first need to hold it and type /incubator, this will start the incubation process, now you will just need to mine enough blocks to hatch the egg, you can check your progress in the /incubator menu. If at any point you want to stop incubating an egg you will need to do the /incubator withdraw command (Your progress will be saved). Once you have enough blocks mined, your pet will be hatched.

Removing or changing a pet

If you want to unequip or change your pet, all you need to do is the /pet unequip command. To view your currently equiped pet you need to do the /pets commands and it will say in chat what pet is currently equiped. To reequip a pet just right click on the pet you want and it'll equip it. You cannot have multiple pets equiped.
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