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Crystallized Network Server Rules
  1. Absolutely no Cheating or Abusing Bugs, Cheating classifies as using external modifications of your game to gain an advantage over other players.
  2. Respect All Players, Please refrain from insulting other players, Keep in mind that swearing is allowed, but not when directed towards other people.
  3. No spamming in the chat
  4. No saying racist/sexist or any offensive words in the chat, especially when directed towards other players
  5. No threatening the server or any of its players
  6. No IRL trades or Scamming people in any way
  7. No inappropriate skins or names
  8. No pestering or lying to members of staff
  9. Absolutely no advertising without permission of a staff member (including in dms)
  10. You are only allowed to have 4 accounts per ip address
  11. No impersonating any members of staff
  12. No account sharing
  13. No chargebacks on purchases
  14. No faking reports
  15. If you can't say it in chat. You can't use it anywhere else for example an Island name or an item name
  16. No bug abuse
  17. No noobie abuse - This means you can’t tell a new player something is worthless so you can get a good idea. This also outlaws giving new players a bad deal intentionally

Gamemode Specific Rules:

Creative Only Rules:
  1. No Offensive/Degrading or Lewd Builds
  2. No Lag Machines/Lava Walls
  3. Please do not spawn huge animal farms
  4. Do not create a mess with World edit.
Not open for further replies.