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Update Log #7

We are really sorry about all the issues that the server has faced at release and This is totally our fault we should have put more time into testing so to make up for it we will be running this sale for an extra 2 weeks and will be doing a key all at some point. In the future, we plan not to rush release like we did this time and the time we have taken now to fix all the bugs we should have taken before we released

Most bugs should be fixed and we managed to get away with not having to reset the server but Some data did get lost with bugs like
  • Spawners
  • Tele pads
If you have lost any of these things please contact a staff member (Admin+) In-game or open a ticket to get support

And to stop a situation like this in the future as a network we have started a new rule of practice. Before we have had a very rough backup protocol only backing up every few months but this changing as from now on we will have every 12-hour backups on all our servers. and will soon be adding a system to back up our MySQL databases soon

Rule Updates:
  1. Alt Limit has been raised by one account( 4 Accounts per IP now)
  2. New Rule If you can't say it in chat. You cant use it anywhere else for example an Island name or an item name
  1. the lobby now has the correct chat formatting
  2. Fixed a bug where sometimes your UUID would get changed
  3. Fixed a bug where spawners were not saving
  4. Fixed a bug where you could not pick up spawners
  5. Fixed Monthly Crates
  6. Fixed a Few Crate commands
  7. Fixed a bug where you could buy spawner upgrades for real cheap
  8. The sidebar now shows the correct amount of EXP in relation to spawner upgrade costs
  9. Fixed 100's of permission issues
  1. Monthly Crate Price Increased
  2. /outpost command
  3. Store Spreadsheet has been updated
  4. GenCube Leveling
  5. Added Kits
  6. Remove players permission to /is settings
  7. Vote Parties
  8. Probably a lot more but I've forgotten